Cup square head screws DIN 603

Standard : natural nylon

Cup square head screws DIN 603
dlDSquarel1DimensionsUnit of saleRef.Quote request
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 161 000603516AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 181 000603518AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 201 000603520AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 261 000603526AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 301 000603530AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 351 000603535AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 401 000603540AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 451 000603545AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 501 000603550AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 551 000603555AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 601 000603560AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 701 000603570AAdd to quote
M53,513,05,010,0M5 x 801 000603580AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 161 000603616AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 181 000603618AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 201 000603620AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 261 000603626AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 301 000603630AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 351 000603635AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 401 000603640AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 451 000603645AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 501 000603650AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 551 000603655AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 601 000603660AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 701 000603670AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 801 000603680AAdd to quote
M64,016,06,010,0M6 x 901 000603690AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 161 000603816AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 181 000603818AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 201 000603820AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 261 000603826AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 301 000603830AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 351 000603835AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 401 000603840AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 451 000603845AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 501 000603850AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 551 000603855AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 601 000603860AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 701 000603870AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 801 000603880AAdd to quote
M84,520,08,010,0M8 x 901 000603890AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 161 0006031016AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 181 0006031018AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 201 0006031020AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 261 0006031026AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 301 0006031030AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 351 0006031035AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 401 0006031040AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 451 0006031045AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 501 0006031050AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 551 0006031055AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 601 0006031060AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 701 0006031070AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 801 0006031080AAdd to quote
M105,524,010,010,0M10 x 901 0006031090AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 205006031220AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 265006031226AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 305006031230AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 355006031235AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 405006031240AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 455006031245AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 505006031250AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 5550060312A55Add to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 605006031260AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 705006031270AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 805006031280AAdd to quote
M127,530,012,010,0M12 x 905006031290AAdd to quote

Cup square head screws according to DIN 603 are light and stainless.

The thread lengths corresponds to L - l1.

Exemple forr M5 x 16 : thread lengths  =6 mm (16 - 10 ).

Other diameters, lengths and threads (fine pitch, American thread UNC / UNF ...) on request.

Tolerance head diameter D = + 0 / - 0.3mm

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon

Materials on request : Nylon glass filled, PP, PE, PVDF, PC.

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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