Covers for hex washer faced screws

Standard : black, white PE

Covers for hex washer faced screws
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M5818,09,26,01 00032105Add to quote
M5825,011,25,81 00032106Add to quote
M61018,09,05,71 00032110Add to quote
M61025,010,85,41 00032115Add to quote
3/8”9,418,08,96,21 00032100Add to quote

Protects from dirt.

Protects metallic screws from corrosion and deterioration.

Polyethylene (PE) resists acids, greases and oils…

N.B. : depending on the mould, the surface of the part can be smooth or dull.

S = A/F

Materials / Colours

Standard : black, white PE

Other material on request.

Colours on request : beige, brown, grey, green, blue...

Minimum quantity : 10 000 pieces per reference and colour.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.