Caps for various screws

Standard : black, white PE

Caps for various screws
Caps for various screws
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6,09,03,51 00039425Add to quote
6,010,04,01 00039420Add to quote
7,010,55,01 00039403Add to quote
7,012,04,21 00039400Add to quote
8,512,02,51 00039250Add to quote
9,012,02,51 00039300Add to quote
9,012,05,01 00039350Add to quote
9,014,04,71 00039050Add to quote
10,514,53,81 00039009Add to quote
11,014,53,81 00039010Add to quote
11,617,04,01 00039000Add to quote
12,017,03,61 00039001Add to quote
15,016,56,71 00039004Add to quote
15,019,05,71 00039006Add to quote

Protects from dirt.

Protects from corrosion.

Resists weather conditions and most chemicals.

Other colours on request.

N.B. : depending on the mould, the surface of the part can be smooth or dull.

Materials / Colours

Standard : black, white PE.

Other material on request.

Colours on request : beige, brown, grey, green...

Minimum quantity : 10 000 pieces per reference and colour.

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

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