Cable ties (natural)

Standard : natural nylon and black nylon

Cable ties (natural)
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2,575,01 0005201AITAdd to quote
2,5100,01 0005203AITAdd to quote
2,5135,01 0005205AITAdd to quote
2,5160,01 0005206AITAdd to quote
2,5200,01 0005207AITAdd to quote
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4,5250,05005216AITAdd to quote
4,5280,05005217AITAdd to quote
4,5360,05005219AITAdd to quote
4,5430,05005220AITAdd to quote
7,5180,05005223AITAdd to quote
7,5240,05005225AITAdd to quote
7,5280,05005226AITAdd to quote
7,5360,05005227AITAdd to quote
7,5450,05005229AITAdd to quote
7,5540,01005231AITAdd to quote
7,5750,01005233AITAdd to quote
9,0780,01005234AITAdd to quote
12,5250,01005235AITAdd to quote
12,5500,01005237AITAdd to quote
12,5750,01005239AITAdd to quote

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon and black nylon

Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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