Bülte retaining washers

Standard : natural nylon and natural PE

Bülte retaining washers
Bülte retaining washers
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M33,16,02,50,51 0003206025AAdd to quote
M33,16,02,50,520 0003206025DAdd to quote
M33,16,03,00,510 0003206030AAdd to quote
M33,16,03,00,520 0003206030DAdd to quote
M33,16,03,50,510 0003206035AAdd to quote
M33,16,03,50,520 0003206035DAdd to quote
M33,16,04,00,510 0003206040AAdd to quote
M33,16,04,00,520 0003206040DAdd to quote
M44,58,12,50,51 0004308025AAdd to quote
M44,58,12,50,520 0004308025DAdd to quote
M44,58,13,00,510 0004308030AAdd to quote
M44,58,13,00,520 0004308030DAdd to quote
M44,58,13,50,510 0004308035AAdd to quote
M44,58,13,50,520 0004308035DAdd to quote
M44,58,14,00,510 0004308040AAdd to quote
M44,58,14,00,520 0004308040DAdd to quote
M44,29,82,50,51 0004310025AAdd to quote
M44,29,82,50,520 0004310025DAdd to quote
M44,29,83,00,510 0004310030AAdd to quote
M44,29,83,00,520 0004310030DAdd to quote
M44,29,83,50,510 0004310035AAdd to quote
M44,29,83,50,520 0004310035DAdd to quote
M44,29,84,00,510 0004310040AAdd to quote
M44,29,84,00,520 0004310040DAdd to quote
M55,510,02,50,51 0005310025AAdd to quote
M55,510,02,50,520 0005310025DAdd to quote
M55,510,03,00,510 0005310030AAdd to quote
M55,510,03,00,520 0005310030DAdd to quote
M55,510,03,50,510 0005310035AAdd to quote
M55,510,03,50,520 0005310035DAdd to quote
M55,510,04,00,510 0005310040AAdd to quote
M55,510,04,00,520 0005310040DAdd to quote
M66,412,52,50,81 0006412525AAdd to quote
M66,412,52,50,820 0006412525DAdd to quote
M66,412,53,00,810 0006412530AAdd to quote
M66,412,53,00,820 0006412530DAdd to quote
M66,412,53,50,810 0006412535AAdd to quote
M66,412,53,50,820 0006412535DAdd to quote
M66,412,54,00,810 0006412540AAdd to quote
M66,412,54,00,820 0006412540DAdd to quote
M88,212,02,50,51 0008212025AAdd to quote
M88,212,02,50,520 0008212025DAdd to quote
M88,212,03,00,510 0008212030AAdd to quote
M88,212,03,00,520 0008212030DAdd to quote
M88,212,03,50,510 0008212035AAdd to quote
M88,212,03,50,520 0008212035DAdd to quote
M88,212,04,00,510 0008212040AAdd to quote
M88,212,04,00,520 0008212040DAdd to quote
M88,317,02,50,81 0008317025AAdd to quote
M88,317,02,50,820 0008317025DAdd to quote
M88,317,03,00,810 0008317030AAdd to quote
M88,317,03,00,820 0008317030DAdd to quote
M88,317,03,50,810 0008317035AAdd to quote
M88,317,03,50,820 0008317035DAdd to quote
M88,317,04,00,810 0008317040AAdd to quote
M88,317,04,00,820 0008317040DAdd to quote
M1010,421,12,50,71 0001052125AAdd to quote
M1010,421,12,50,720 0001052125DAdd to quote
M1010,421,13,00,710 0001052130AAdd to quote
M1010,421,13,00,720 0001052130DAdd to quote
M1010,421,13,50,710 0001052135AAdd to quote
M1010,421,13,50,720 0001052135DAdd to quote
M1010,421,14,00,710 0001052140AAdd to quote
M1010,421,14,00,720 0001052140DAdd to quote
M1010,830,02,50,51 0001053025AAdd to quote
M1010,830,02,50,520 0001053025DAdd to quote

Used for preliminary mounting of screws and bolts with no risk of loss.

Good electrical insulation.

Others dimensions and thicknesses on request.

General tolerance : +/- 0,2 mm according to the material.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural nylon and natural PE

Materials on request : PP, POM...

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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