Bülte locking and sealing washers PTFE (Teflon)

Standard : white PTFE

Bülte locking and sealing washers PTFE (Teflon)
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M44,19,01,252,8100RBM4JAdd to quote
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Locking and sealing of your assembly washer + screw, or standard nut.

No Nylstop or lock nut required. Reduces purchasing cost.

Absorbs vibrations, corrosion resistance, protection against electrolytic action and protection of the surface of materials to be assembled.

Product testing is advised before use in production.

Best result achieved when used with hex screws/nuts (the washer re-forms along the flats).

The use of PTFE has significant benefits:

  • a low coefficient of friction
  • excellent quality of resistance to external agents
  • a high degree of anti-stickiness
  • resistance to low and high temperatures (from -200° C to +260° C)
  • excellent dielectric properties

PTFE does not change its physical or molecular state. It has an almost universal chemical compatibility.

Low flammability, UL 94 VO fire classification.

Materials / Colours

Standard : white PTFE

Materials on request : PA, PE, PP, POM …

Minimum quantity on request.


Colour on request: white.

Minimum quantity on request.