Bülte anti - loss washers

Standard : natural Nylon

Bülte anti - loss washers
Bülte anti - loss washers
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Ref.Quote request
M3,53,69,11,22,71 000RIMP3.5AAdd to quote
M44,19,01,63,01 000RIMP4AAdd to quote
M55,010,11,63,11 000RIMP5AAdd to quote
M66,312,51,32,71 000RIMP6AAdd to quote
M88,216,21,63,51 000RIMP8AAdd to quote
M1010,219,62,23,51 000RIMP10EAAdd to quote
M1010,515,02,14,31 000RIMP10AAdd to quote
R 1/8”10,515,02,14,31 000RIMPR1/8AAdd to quote
R 1/4”13,218,92,64,5500RIMPR1/4AAdd to quote
R 3/8”17,723,02,14,5500RIMPR3/8AAdd to quote
R 1/2”21,527,62,14,2500RIMPR1/2AAdd to quote
3,5 mm3,69,11,22,71 000RIMP3.5AAdd to quote
4,2 mm4,29,01,33,01 000RIMP4.2AAdd to quote
4,8 mm5,010,11,63,11 000RIMP4.8AAdd to quote

This washer is the best product to prevent the loss of screws.

The diameter of the taper is smaller than the diameter of the screw used.

The tapered part squashes and fully enters the pitch of the thread.

Enables preliminary assembly where it cannot be easily done and so save time.

Removal is only possible by unscrewing the washer.

Materials / Colours

Standard : natural Nylon

Material on request : PE, PP, POM.

Minimum quantity on request.


Colours : see RAL colour chart.

Minimum quantity on request.

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