Binder posts BPF 120

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

Binder posts BPF 120
Binder posts BPF 120
of sale
Ref. (Zinc-plated steel)Quote request
M4205,012,010,01 000BPF120420BazAdd to quote
M4255,012,010,01 000BPF120425BazAdd to quote
M4305,012,010,01 000BPF120430BazAdd to quote
M4355,012,010,01 000BPF120435BazAdd to quote
M4405,012,010,01 000BPF120440BazAdd to quote
M4505,012,010,01 000BPF120450BazAdd to quote
M6208,016,09,01 000BPF120620BazAdd to quote
M6258,016,09,01 000BPF120625BazAdd to quote
M6308,016,015,01 000BPF120630BazAdd to quote
M6358,016,015,01 000BPF120635BazAdd to quote
M6408,016,015,01 000BPF120640BazAdd to quote
M6458,016,015,01 000BPF120645BazAdd to quote
M6508,016,015,01 000BPF120650BazAdd to quote
M6608,016,015,01 000BPF120660BazAdd to quote
M82512,020,012,01 000BPF120825BazAdd to quote
M83012,020,012,01 000BPF120830BazAdd to quote
M83512,020,012,01 000BPF120835BazAdd to quote
M84012,020,012,01 000BPF120840BazAdd to quote
M84512,020,012,01 000BPF120845BazAdd to quote
M85012,020,012,01 000BPF120850BazAdd to quote
M86012,020,012,01 000BPF120860BazAdd to quote
M87012,020,012,01 000BPF120870BazAdd to quote
M88012,020,012,01 000BPF120880BazAdd to quote
M102515,022,012,01 000BPF1201025BazAdd to quote
M103015,022,012,01 000BPF1201030BazAdd to quote
M103515,022,012,01 000BPF1201035BazAdd to quote
M104015,022,012,01 000BPF1201040BazAdd to quote
M104515,022,012,01 000BPF1201045BazAdd to quote
M105015,022,012,01 000BPF1201050BazAdd to quote
M106015,022,012,01 000BPF1201060BazAdd to quote
M107015,022,012,01 000BPF1201070BazAdd to quote
M108015,022,012,01 000BPF1201080BazAdd to quote

Other lengths for Binder posts on request.

Delivered loose (in bulk), parts not assembled.

For this screw type in Nylon : see "screws" (binder post).

Materials / Colours

Standard : black nylon / insert : zinc-plated steel

On request : insert : stainless steel or brass.

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